Apatsa Sekelani

What was it about this little girl? Her eyes? Deep, and filled with some hidden sadness. What had happened to her? Lately, I find myself questioning God. What is it that He wants me to do here? One person can’t possibly make a difference in a culture so true to their ancestral traditions and beliefs.[…]


Nyezera was SO HAPPY to get supplies for a good roof before rain season starts! She clapped her hands loudly & shook her head in gratitude with a face of unbelief. So much love for this family. They also received a PB+Jesus handkerchief with the story of Jesus’s salvation. Nyezera & her sister got so[…]


Tuberculosis (TB) is a highly contagious bacterial infection in the lungs that can spread quickly if it is not caught, isolated, and treated early. A symptom of TB is unintentional weight loss. Makulata was found in the Nkhoma Mission Hospital TB ward. As a result of her TB she became severely malnourished. Thanks to our[…]