Labita Letala (19 November 2014- December 4, 2015)

This is Labita Letala. She was born on the 19th of November 2014. Her mother was 18 years old when she delivered Labita, only 1 year later she delivered another baby girl called Felesina.
The family is very poor and is struggling to find food therefore the mother decided to bring Labita to her grandmother when she was pregnant from her second child.
The grandmother however also could not provide for the child. Labita was left alone in the hut most part of the day while the grandmother was trying to find food and was working on the field. Labita is so malnourished that her skin starts peeling off. She has wounds all over her body and has the highest gradation of oedema.
Labita starved for many months, she became sicker and weaker every day however both the mother and grandmother did not ask for help or send her to the hospital.
The family believes that when the skin of children turns black the rains are coming. During the raining season every family grows food on their land which is their only source of income. Without rain, no food the next year. Labita becoming very sick and very malnourished was a celebration to them.
It is hard to believe these things are still happening today. Many people in Africa are not educated which results in children starving to death. I cried while I was writing this story because sometimes you feel so hopeless. But I know God is there to help, he will lead us and guide us. He will provide for this little girl and send her love and care.
Because Labita’s body does not tolerate food anymore it is very difficult to feed her. Currently she is receiving high calorie milk. If her body starts tolerating the milk she will be started on the Peanut butter paste provided by Peanut butter and Jesus. Labita went to be with the Lord on December 4th, we were too late to help her – she came from an area whose heath center is still seeking a sponsor. Please consider what you can do to help her area.