Outpatient Treatment Program Nkhoma, Malawi

Name: Philibina Samson (Mkhalepo)

Village: Kantanga

Age: 4 years 11 months

Philibina was admitted to the Nkhoma Outpatient Treatment Program. Today is her second visit. She walkes with her mother for four hours from their small village of Kantanga to our clinic. You would never know that behind that innocent grin is a life of hardship. The skin on her legs and hands is taut from edema, the collection of excessive water in body cavities.

Philibina is the fourth of six children. Her mother works very hard to raise her children while also planting and harvesting for the family. Two years ago, Philibina’s father abandoned them to go live elsewhere and hasn’t been heard from since. He doesn’t visit or support them in any way.

The Sampson family grow maize and soy in their field, and Philibina’s mother predicted there would be enough food for the next few months, however, they will be without for several months prior to the harvest of their new crop. Life can be difficult, but she trusts that God will provide. She thanks us profusely for PB+J’s work to provide chiponde (peanut butter) to the children who need it. In parting she told me that there are many others who need help and please try to find them so that others can benefit too.