Joana Chigwenembe- Mtenthela OTP 9-12

Name: Joana Chigwenembe

Village: Mangwele

Age: 3 years 8 months

Joana is three years, eight months old. At one month she was given to her aunt Eliza to be raised. Her aunt does the best she can to care for Joana but has five other children to look after. The family has a very small plot of land to grow crops, so they often run out of food five months prior to the next harvest. Needless to say they are in a very difficult situation.

Joana is not the only child in the family who is malnourished. While she is the only one suffering from severe acute malnutrition, another child has moderate acute malnutrition, a short step away from also needing to be on RUTF. The family has a difficult road ahead of them, but because of the Outpatient Treatment program where they receive RUTF for Joana and the SFP program where they receive fortified maize and soy flour for the child with moderate malnutrition, Eliza has hope that at least her children will survive the times without food.