Eneless and Jonathan Richard

Eneless is a precious little girl. How old she exactly is nobody knows. She was born at home to an HIV-positive mother who had been sick for many years and eventually died in February 2016 because of HIV Aids. Also her father and her grandmother died because of the same disease.The only persons left to care for Eneless were her 12 years old half sister and 14 years old half brother. And so they tried.Beside Eneless they also cared for Eneless’ little brother Jonathan.

Both Eneless and Jonathan were diagnosed with HIV several years after birth. The older sister tried to take them to a local health center to collect medication for them however often failed. At Chimbalanga health center they were also receiving fortified peanut butter paste from Peanut butter and Jesus to gain weight. The peanut butter paste was life-saving for them because it was often the only food they eat.

The 14 years old brother was trying to find daily jobs so he could buy some food for the family however jobs are very hard to find and therefore they often went to sleep with an empty stomach.
Because of poor intake of medication, and not enough food, both Eneless and Jonathan became severely malnourished. On top of that, they developed Tuberculosis. After the death of the mother the village decided Eneless and Jonathan could not stay any longer in the village because of their poverty and positive HIV status. The older brother and sister were allowed to stay because they were strong and able to assist with working on the fields. Eneless and Jonathan were sent away from the village and the older brother brought them to the Africare house.

I started taking care of both children and both got admitted to the hospital immediately.
After a lot of prayers, care, medication and sachets of peanut butter from Peanut butter and Jesus both of them start to improve.
I’m not sure what God has got planned for these two beautiful little children but I’m sure he has great plans for both of them.