Eneless and Jonathan Richard

Eneless is a precious little girl. How old she exactly is nobody knows. She was born at home to an HIV-positive mother who had been sick for many years and eventually died in February 2016 because of HIV Aids. Also her father and her grandmother died because of the same disease.The only persons left to[…]

Apatsa Sekelani

What was it about this little girl? Her eyes? Deep, and filled with some hidden sadness. What had happened to her? Lately, I find myself questioning God. What is it that He wants me to do here? One person can’t possibly make a difference in a culture so true to their ancestral traditions and beliefs.[…]


Nyezera was SO HAPPY to get supplies for a good roof before rain season starts! She clapped her hands loudly & shook her head in gratitude with a face of unbelief. So much love for this family. They also received a PB+Jesus handkerchief with the story of Jesus’s salvation. Nyezera & her sister got so[…]


Tuberculosis (TB) is a highly contagious bacterial infection in the lungs that can spread quickly if it is not caught, isolated, and treated early. A symptom of TB is unintentional weight loss. Makulata was found in the Nkhoma Mission Hospital TB ward. As a result of her TB she became severely malnourished. Thanks to our[…]