PB+J at Nkhoma Hospital

The problem is chronic Malnutrition. The first 1,000 days of a child’s life are crucial to their full growth and brain development. Malawi, Africa has the fifth-highest stunting rate in the world with over 47% of children under the age of five who are stunted both cognitively and physically due to chronic malnutrition. Around 4% of Malawian children are severely wasted or acutely malnourished as a result of recent rapid weight loss or failure to gain weight, which is also strongly related to mortality.

Our Solution

PB+J at Nkhoma Hospital was established in August 2012. The program facilitates a 900-farmer peanut co-op, has Malawian employees operating and managing the manufacturing facility distributing cartons of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) to local outlying health centers. The program also provides nutrition education to communities and individuals to equip primary caregivers with the knowledge to prevent malnutrition, which also allows for personal interactions with an opportunity to share the Gospel.

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Distribution and Sustainability

The beauty of PB+J’s model is the RUTF product is manufactured locally, helping the local economy, and then distributed to numerous health centers in the greater outlying area. All those in need are given the product at no cost.

We accomplish this through two funding sources. At the manufacturing plant we sell product to local organizations which furthers our reach. This helps offset the manufacturing expenses, but does not cover all our cost. We are forever thankful to our health center sponsors who step up to fill in the funding gap. Our goal is to always give this lifesaving product to those who need it for free.

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Discipleship/Sharing the Gospel

Our Core Purpose is to reach those in need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To achieve this – Stanley Misi, our discipleship leader, has formed a small discipleship triad to work together doing Outreaches/Village Walks, showings of the Jesus film, while also working with local churches and area chaplains. We strive to come along side Village Chiefs creating ministries to raise up a broad net of Bible teaching believers in Malawi.